Only a few more weeks before I can go and get my last concussion for WWRFC. Looking forward to it. SUMMER HURRY THE FUCK UP MAAAAN *Here are my fave concussion photos. Would you guess I have 15000 words due in on the 9th? I need to be shot I swear.

Dear No-One

*Inspired by Presentable Liberty. This game is truly harrowing and encapsulates the feeling of  complete isolation, all through pixalated paper, AND it’s free; who doesn’t love a freebie? I highly recommend checking it out: Trigger warning for mentions of suicide. It’s raining again. I can hear it hitting the roof. They must be big drops. Thud, thud, thud…. […]

In The Pines

Take me to the woods and bury me beneath the trees, leaves drooping in the cold winters’ wind. Take me to the woods and we’ll gaze at the stars as they die. they flicker across a darkened sky. bursts of vibrance that flicker and fade, whimpering. I am enraptured. Take me to the woods and […]